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September 13, 2010
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Influence Map Meme by manga-manX Influence Map Meme by manga-manX
My VERY first Meme of the century - made by :iconfox-orian: and if you are as interested as I was then here is the [link]

I thought that this would be a neat thing to share so - everyone welcome to my thoughts... :D

1. Ronin Warriors – Now this takes me back, and probably the first Japanese thing I seen. I liked this show a lot because not only the action was good but, the story, the characters… they were all compelling to me during my youth and my brothers – we pick and chose which Ronin that we we’re and I chose to be Ryo of the Wildfire “DAAAAAOOO CHIIII!!”. Heck we even bought the figures for them and I still have Ryo Shanada up to this day…

2. Teknoman a.k.a “Tekkaman” – “Pegasus Power ON!!” [Affirmative…] (Then the commander explains what happens during his formation). This was an awesome anime just like Ronin Warriors, Slade was a bad ass and did what it takes to try and save his family who were the unfortunate victims of the alien influence. They never showed the ending in America (least from what I think) but when I searched online for it – it was a sad yet hopeful ending. Overall, the concepts and designs were all eye popping to me during the time.

3. Salior Moon – Yeah what of it, I liked this show even though it had the ‘feminine audience’ only touch to it but, that didn’t stop me from watching it no matter how much Serena’s crying annoyed me. I seen this as a female version of Ronin Warriors, even gone down to the point of picking couples for them such as Ryo Shanada and Rei (Salior Mars) being together since the two uses FIRE!! This anime really touched me back then and I adored the super heroines.

4. Batman – Now that I think about it, I seen this before any of the three above just because I was drawing Batman in the first grade and the teacher told me to stop drawing in class and to focus on my work but, that didn’t really stop me and a few of my peers in my class were interested in my Batman drawings. Anyway, I liked this series of Batman, Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill were great voice actors for their characters.

5. Venom – Here is where my love for symbiotes happened… Venom is one of the most notorious enemies of Spider-Man not only because it bonded to Eddie Brock and called themselves “Venom” but, the relationship that took place before with Peter Parker. And of course other reasons pertaining to a teenagers raging hormones and thinking about women at the time so [symbiote + woman = Imaginations!!] – you can’t blame a man for thinking like a man can you? Anyway, I shown a great interest in Venom during his introduction and got a 12” figure for my 10th or 11th birthday; which I still have up to this day… in poor condition. :(

6. X-men – This as well as Iron Man has brought my liking in Marvel and like Spider-Man, X-men had underlying messages that related to the real world from a “mutants” point-of-view. Also I liked the diversity that is encouraged throughout the series showing that there is more than what you see before you. My sister, long long ago drew Wolverine on the wall of her room and I was really diggin the picture and I guess from that was really my first exposure to X-men and how I like the character Wolverine or Logan for short.

7. Dragonball Z – Now who hasn’t been influenced by DBZ, I went to the lengths of printing page after page of DBZ images just so I can have them – I could of made a profit from them too but, I was too clingy to my printouts; which lead me to draw them which turned out to be very good imitation pictures. Of course everyone shares the same bane I felt when the Z fighters took forever to fight and had useless dialog.

8. Megaman and Megaman X series – For some reason, I always found myself playing the 3rd version of Megaman and X during the time but, I have watched the Megaman series on television – including the one when they introduced “X” himself as he was pursuing Vile. I am not too sure if they insinuated that Megaman was going to become X from that show but we all know that they are two different Megamans who were built by the same maker. On the X series, I liked Zero and was surprised that they were going to call him “X” in the first place but ended up as being Zero due to familiarity issues with fans. I liked the close fighter when he was truly playable on X4 but, I don’t like X any less – it’s just that Zero… is just Zero. ^^ Like DBZ, I drew Megaman X and Zero and from it, Megaman X has influenced me to draw my own personal OC, which over the years stemmed into something much much different.

9. Street Fighter series – I’m no stranger to Street Fighter but, the Alpha Series was the one I really got into – the roster of characters like Guy and Sakura has urged me to draw them on paper; I still have the old Sakura picture but the Guy one disappeared somehow, just like Megaman X >>. I loved the music from these games and I wouldn’t mind going back to them and play it again; also Street Fighter V was the first animated thing I seen involving Ryu and Ken as they journeyed together as teenagers – Guile as the bad ass American who beat Ken while he was wasted and the loveable Chun Li who was brainwashed at a time by Bison. I will continue to love the works that come from Street Fighter as well as other artists variations of the female characters exclusively. =^^=

10. Phantasy Star Online – The first… very first MMO I have ever played and I loved it so much that I couldn’t stop playing it because, you were the hero of the game and PSO enabled you to create your own OC and playing online was so much fun. Despite of what happened, whether it was hackers, or SEGA not making enough money from profits in America, thus closing their servers on PSO/PSU servers – I will still say that this series is the best that ever existed. This has inspired me to draw up my HUcast as well as building a story for him.

11, 12, and 13. Gura Nyuuto, Imachi, Kei Kitamimaki – Some may know who these guys are, some may not but, of course they make doujinshi’s that is adult material but, I really do like the way these men draw their female figures. I myself tried to incorporate the styles into the way I draw – there are a few drawings in my gallery that proves this thus me placing them as the influence they are despite of the material that is drawn by them.

14. And You – Aside from me not thinking about anything else, the community of DA did inspire me in the way it has and the users I have faved have really great and excellent works that I admire. I would make a listing of those but I think my “friends” list is enough to show my appreciation for the right brain-ders that exists here on Deviantart. Thank you for displaying unique and creative works for all to see, whatever their reason may be, at least they taken the time to see the existence of your work… and I am glad that I am exposed to the such.

And that is me in a nutshell... :D
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EX-Buster-wolf Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
man this list really hits home :P

1. just wanten to say during the time, I thought our heroes were shouting "GO GIIIIII!!" during the transformations. and as for anubus, I thought he was saying "wage with fear" during his chain attack. but yeah, couldnt get enough of ronin warriors back then. did you ever pick up any of the figures?

3.during ronin warriors time slot, I recall the station playing a promotion commercial for sailor moon and remember immediately judging it. "im not watching this garbage" hell, it took others to convince me to chech out one episode. after that, I took back what I said n considered it "ok" it was only years later...well, toonami's early era, that I picked it back up and enjoyed it.

as for batman n  x-men they're definatly classics and watched many re-reuns. I also fell for venom pretty hard. before I knew it. I had to play any game/ pick up any figure of the guy that I could get my hands on. (snes or sega/ Maximum Carnage. snes sepperation anxiety).
manga-manX Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Same here, I thought the same about Ronin Warriors - till years after; and some researching, the revelation was made. DAO CHIIII. WAKE WITH FEAAR!! And yes, at the time, my brothers and I got the figurines with the clip on armor. I of course had Ryo of the Wildfire!

Sailor Moon, I did feel that it was girly and the like - but it was just one of those things to watch as a fan of eastern animation. As I expressed in this, well, you know that was true... XD

And same here, had Maximum Carnage and Separation Anxiety... *sighs in the nostalgia* MEMORIESS!!!
sasuke-the-pervert Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2011
there was a sec part to the tekkaman series called parog , where david and dead where just kids ,i'm looking for that missing series
manga-manX Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Oooo, when you do, can you send me the link; I never knew there was the such...
sasuke-the-pervert Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2011
if you got the ova to the moive , there are clips from the sec series , if you got the japanees chines english sub title japaness and englies dvdb [link] there's there dvds , 7 in a pack
here's the ova the movie with the other clips in it , it'll show the clips in the series , bu t i want the reg series back on dvd from prog
MathewWite Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2010
I remember Mega Man X. First Mega Man game I ever played. I like how Capcom does cameos all the time in their games. F***in Hadou-Ken in Mega Man X! I liked X because he was blue (my fav color), and who doesn't like a guy who has a gun on their arm and can climb walls by kicking? It wasn't till the Zero games did I realize how beast Zero was (maybe it was the fact Zero never got a defense boost in the X series. I can't do games unless my def is high, I take too many hits, then die).
RyoLovesMe Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Actually Ryo says, 'Dao Jin' and his last name is Sanada. :)
manga-manX Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Ooops... I guess I don't know my boy as much as I should... :(
RyoLovesMe Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
:) LOL It's all good, mistakes happen. I'm sure you know him well! I mean you are a fan of his after all just like me! :D
manga-manX Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2010  Student Digital Artist
:) Yes, who cannot like this guy, the man was sleeping in a volcano! I don't see any other person sleeping in a volcano these days... XD
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